Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses Available Now!

Tru Blooms Bottle and Box no backgroundFor the second year in a row, public gardens grown by the people of Chicago have produced plants and flowers that were used in the creation of a limited edition perfume.

The new vintage of Tru Blooms Chicago, now for sale, is an exquisitely designed, natural fragrance with a completely different bouquet than the first.  You can still purchase the first vintage of Tru Blooms Chicago online or at a store near you.

So green and beautiful

Chicago is turning back the clock by creating perfume ingredients in the manner they were meant to be gathered – not from a lab or offshore farms of a commercial producer, but from small plots of land lovingly nurtured by neighborhood people.

Look for perfume gardens in public parks, on North Michigan Avenue, and urban farms and in sections all over the City. Tru Blooms Chicago will be the first-ever fragrance made from indigenous-sourced ingredients grown by the residents for whom it’s created.

Introducing New Tru Blooms Jewelry by Twig Designs

Jewelry with BottleTwig Designs is a Chicago based jewelry line inspired by nature. Designer Kate Mitchell’s fascination with the simple beauty of everyday elements infused with her passion for exquisite design and craftsmanship influenced her to study metal smithing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Twig Designs embodies finely crafted pieces which reflect nature’s beauty and essence.

A natural urban collaboration… Twig Designs has created this rose thorn jewelry inspired by and harvested from Tru Blooms’ Chicago gardens.

2012 First Harvest Results

Job Creation

Over 150 residents gained valuable job skills and were trained in the art of urban farming. Jobs were either created for or extended to over 60 disproportionally under-employed community members, including ex-offenders and high school and city college students.

City Beautification

New flowers were planted in 22 gardens, spread across two acres of the city. Many new gardens were created on land that is typically unused by adding flowers between sidewalks and roads.

Taxpayer Savings

The Chicago Park District’s budget for gardens in Grant Park was reduced by $40,000. An additional $60,000 for new public gardens was funded by the private sector, as represented by Tru Fragrance.

Partner Benefits

At least two dozen organizations (our partners) were able to further their missions by participating in the program. The unique Tru Blooms Chicago initiative was widely publicized, resulting in 750 publicity mentions. These included stories in major newspapers, publications, and dozens of network TV segments, all giving positive messages about the partners and the city, the tourism initiative, the green movement and sustainability.