Tru Blooms Perfumes, First Of Their Kind

Tru Blooms perfumes are created from flowers that were planted, grown and harvested in urban gardens of Chicago. They are a gift and tribute to the citizens who took this project hands on and nurtured this fine fragrance from seed to scent. Each bottle is a unique experience and a recollection of the flowers grown in Chicago that year.

          Tru Blooms Fountain of Roses

Tru Blooms Bottle and Box no backgroundTru Blooms Fountain of Roses is a beautiful aquatic floral perfume with sparkling citrus top notes that blend seamlessly with rich heart notes of rose geranium, lily of the valley and pink rose petals. The warm base notes of blond woods, patchouli and warm musk round out this soft and feminine scent.


Tru Blooms Chicago

tru blooms pngTru Blooms is a bright floral perfume made of elegant sheer rose, traditional lavender and sensuous violet. Sparkling watery fruit accords, reminiscent of a day along the shores of Lake Michigan, create the perfume’s first impression. Blonde woods and skin musk, which speak to the city’s vibrant nightlife and blues heritage, produce it’s long -lasting beauty.




Looking To Buy?

If you haven’t purchased your bottle yet, it’s not too late – but please note that there are a limited supply of each. You can find all of the retailers nearest you that carry Tru Blooms perfumes on our Find A Store page or buy now in our Online Store.

An Extraordinary Event: Flowers Used in the Harvest

One hundred percent of the flowers and plants grown in Tru Blooms Chicago gardens are represented in our perfumes.  The composition of these beautiful urban gardens is made of rose, lavender, patchouli and rose geraniums.

The Damask rose

rosa damascena bulgaris

The Damask rose – the variety grown in Tru Blooms Chicago gardens – blooms on a tall, deciduous shrub that has green leaves and a stem with prickles. The petals are light pink to light red and informally gathered on the bush.


lavandula angustifolia

Lavender plants grown in Tru Blooms Chicago gardens dispense their distinctive scent while still in the ground. It is classical fragrance note associated with tradition.

pomostemom cablin

This evergreen perennial herb is used primarily as a fixative. But in recent history, patchouli’s slightly sweet and intoxicating note has been elevated to the status of a top note.

Rose GeraniumsRose Geraniums

The flowers of a geranium shrub produce a green, rich and long-lasting fruity-mint scent with a hint of rose. The leaf produces a rosy nuance that is less powdery and more lemony than rose.